03 Jan 2011

Winter Solstice

The 2010 Winter Solstice arrived with the once in a lifetime opportunity to also witness a total lunar eclipse on the same night.  Seemed like all the excuse needed to be somewhere spectacular to watch the show unfold.  Unfortunately, a winter solstice in Oregon does not often come with clear skies.  And such was the case up on Mt Hood at Timberline Lodge where a continuous succession of snow showers fully obscured the moon.  But it ended up being a very appropriate setting for a winter solstice… a frozen landscape wrapped in darkness and a sense that this was as deep in hibernation as a world could get.  So I put an array of DSLR cameras to work, employing a time lapse technique I am still perfecting.  The time lapse sequences in this short are actually a series of hundreds of photographs.  Each photo becomes a frame of video.  So for a six second video clip at 30 frames per second, at least 180 photos need to be shot!  There are many video applications for this technique I am excited to explore as the days now get longer!

Visit Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood during the Winter Solstice