25 Sep 2018

Visions Shared

Happy Fall Y’all!

We hope your summer adventures put some impressive deposits into your memory bank. Our team was busy chasing down pretty pixels between Oregon and Iceland, and then smooshing them together and letting them simmer into the projects below. Thank you for taking the time to check out the fruits of our summer labors! And also, thank you so so much for sharing our projects with your circles. We love hearing from you, and your enthusiasm fuels our fire to keep doing what we do, sharing stories that we hope bring out the best in humanity (including us). If you have a story idea, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help share your vision!

Uncage the Soul!
John Waller



We love the challenge of tackling a complex story that dismantles opinions and assumptions, our own included.  We’ve felt the “loss” of special places burned. For 100 years, there has been war waged on wildfire in the United States, and ironically, we’ve created a more volatile landscape than ever. It was an honor to confront this issue on behalf of Travel Oregon and share the story of how we are beginning to accept and embrace living with wildfire.

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Back for our 4th year, we’ve earned a few belt buckle merit badges alongside our talented friend, Jenn Byrne Creative at the Pendleton Round-Up. The expectations are pretty simple: Don’t get tossed by a renegade horse or bull, and don’t come back to the media trailer unless there’s bulls#!t on the camera lens. Let ‘er Buck!

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The wonder of discovering new places and connecting with locals doesn’t have to require a plane ticket. It can happen in our own neighborhood. In our latest #meetheneighbors vignette, we spent the day with Robert MacGinnis, a brilliant artist in Troutdale who’s been painting landscapes of the Columbia Gorge for the past forty years. He’s got a few stories to go along with all that artwork. We love how this campaign promotes discovery via the people who know a place best. When you roll into a small town, who would you want to randomly spark up a conversation with at the local hangout? You would want to meet Robert. And so we did.

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In August, the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma program took a group of patients, doctors, and caregivers on the Fire and Ice trek in Iceland, which loops around Eyjafjallajökull. It was our 9th trip with MM4MM and we’re so grateful and honored to share these journeys with them. Keeping up with this group, both on the trail and after-hours, required some Viking-like fortitude. But the abundance of waterfalls and stunning views slowed them down a notch, which helped us nab some pretty photos! Head to Facebook to see the gallery.

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