12 Jul 2011

Portland Parks and Recreation

We love Portland, Oregon a lot.  And so it was very exciting to produce a 12 minute promo-documentary in June for Portland Parks and Recreation.  Did you know that they have been nominated a finalist as best parks system in the United States!?  And after visiting nearly every park in the city, talking with dozens of park users, caretakers, and volunteers, and witnessing every conceivable park activity, we are pretty proud of Portland Parks and Recreation, regardless of the award outcome, which will be determined in October.  The video isn’t public yet, but we did want to share with you some pretty cool discoveries for those that live in the Portland area, or are considering a visit…

Like Bocce?  The Portland Bocce League throws down weekly at courts in the North Park Blocks, and they throw down even bigger in August for huge Bocce tournament.

Witnessed Bike Polo?  You will be impressed at how adept 10 bike riders playing hockey in a converted tennis court can be.

Free Stuff!  The Portland Summer Free For All has all kinds of activities, concerts, movies, and lunches throughout parks in the summer.  And its all FREE!

Favorite Park.  Alright, so we saw a lot of parks around Portland…what was our favorite, you ask?  Mt Tabor has got it going on.  Views, dogs, trails, big trees, open fields.  But we can’t mention this without giving big props to the Mt Tabor Foot Patrol