01 Nov 2010

Oregonians Supporting Their Gulf Coast Neighbors

When the Gulf Coast Oil Spill first happened, as appalling as it was, it also seemed very distant.  But I took a moment to consider that, what if this had happened in my backyard…what if it was the spectacular and stunning Oregon coast that was being devastated by something now out of everyone’s control, but the result of poor decision making.  What if it was my community that would suffer financially and socially for the next decade…  I concluded that I would be infuriated, and moved to action.  I would want the story told and lessons shared so a similar disaster might be avoided elsewhere.  The simple act of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can be enlightening.  But when a catastrophe like this happens a long way from your home its hard to know how you can help out or make a difference.  So when Uncage the Soul was asked to join a group of 25 influential and dynamic Oregonians traveling to the gulf coast to get a first hand account of the oil spill and share our findings, there was little hesitation.

The products of our collective experience in the Gulf Coast can be read, seen, and viewed at the continually evolving PDX 2 Gulf Coast Website.

Uncage the Soul is in pre-production on a more comprehensive documentary treatment on our time in the gulf.  Contact us for details.