01 Nov 2010

Into Darkness

Each year we like to produce a short documentary that is pure storytelling.  Our motivation is to explore unfamiliar places and projects with the best production tools and techniques we have available, and without the influence of external creative influences.  Its an opportunity to hone our equipment, our artistry, and our resourcefulness.  This spring we produced Into Darkness, an adventure essay revealing the subterranean world of caves and those who undertake the exploration of these final frontiers.  Following a world premiere in Portland, Oregon at NW Documentary’s Homegrown Docfest it has been submitted and accepted to a number of film festivals around the world.  The National Speleological Society awarded it Best in Show at their annual convention, a meaningful endorsement.

Liam Nagy and Scott Sievertsen peer Into Darkness

Here is a short list of some upcoming film festivals that are screening Into Darkness:

NW Film and Video Festival:  Portland, Oregon; Nov 5, 2010

Banff Mountain Film Festival:  Banff, Canada; Nov 7, 2010

Red Rock Adventure Film Festival:  Zion National Park, Utah; Nov 13, 2010

Colorado Environmental Film Festival:  Golden, Colorado; Nov 5, 2010

Wild and Scenic Film Festival:  Nevada City, California; Jan 14-16, 2011

Do you have a story, idea, or project that you think would make an exceptional short documentary?  We would love to hear from you.  You never know…Uncage the Soul may be inspired to help you share this vision on the big screen.