29 Nov 2010

Discovering the DSLR

We have partnered with NW Documentary to offer an introductory class on shooting video with the exciting new line of DSLR cameras. They are quickly becoming the preferred tool of photographers and cinematographers alike. Using the latest Canon cameras from Pro Photo Supply, we shoot a special performance by a Portland musician, then transfer and edit the multi-camera footage into a polished music video. Students get hands-on experience with these amazing new cameras, learning shooting and editing techniques for working with DSLR HD, and in the end, have a cool music video to show off. This fall, our class featured the talented Portland band, The Dimes, who will be selecting one video from the class to be premiered at the Homegrown Docfest on Dec 10, 2010 at the Mission Theater. Register for or inquire about the spring Discovering the DSLR class through NW Documentary