05 Mar 2013

Land Rover Photo Shoot

My name is Ben, one of the guys on the team here. I’m usually behind the camera for our “starry night” images and time lapses. I recently won a  photo competition hosted through Land Rover USA to do a week long photo shoot with a Land Rover in any style I want. No surprise- I went with the Rover under the night sky, and so picked SE California mountains/desert where the skies are clear and stars are bright. Kudos to the LR marketing team- they were incredibly supportive for me to be as creative as I wanted, with little restrictions- so I just went on a spontaneous road trip! It was a blend of desert rock spires, funky Joshua Trees, dramatic snow-capped Sierras, and even oasis hot springs way out in the middle of nowhere. Give me a map, wheels with a full tank of gas and a beautiful landscape I’ve never explored before- I’m in heaven. This trip was very much all of that; the Eastern Sierra region is jaw-dropping beautiful and perfect for random exploring.

One funny fact- I could NOT get dirt to stick on the white LR4 model I was driving! I was embarrassed to return it so “clean” as if I didn’t go off the pavement with it. But, I assure you, I put it through the paces of rock crawling, sandy washboards and uphill climbs. I never would have guessed white paint stays so clean….

At some point, the images will end up on Land Rover’s Tumblr page. Here’s a few of the images resulting from the shoot.