24 Mar 2011

Treeverse in Action

We’re currently out on location filming Treeverse, and we figured we’d bring you a few on-the-ground photos to see just what the production of a project of this kind looks like. Above is Allie Bombach of Red Reel swinging in the air as she preps to start filming.

We’ve got an excellent rigging crew that has set up plenty of lines for us to be able to get up close and interesting shots of our climbers.

And of course, the necessary treeboats and dry bags.

And since we’re on site for all five days, we’ve got a blazing fire in the evening to keep us warm!

Treeverse would not be possible without the help of our presenting sponsors: Pro Photo SupplySterling RopeSherrill TreeSamson Rope and Asia Tree Preservation (Arboriculture Tools).

More on Treeverse here.