28 Mar 2011

This is Treeverse

Photo by Jeff Snyder, Freesolo Photography http://freesolophotography.com

It’s hard to explain what the production of Treeverse looks like. But imagine this: lots of climbing gear, plenty of mud, ample rain gear, high tech helicopters, and a mix of rain and sunshine and you start to get a pretty good picture. Teamwork helps too.

“This collective production crew surpassed even my wildest expectations about what kind of “dream team” could assembled for Treeverse. And Brian and Will were so completely dialed for this expedition that they made something never before accomplished, or even attempted look relatively easy. I am elated,” said Director John Waller.

Photo by Jeff Snyder, Freesolo Photography http://freesolophotography.com

We’ve had plenty of super technical contraptions on site to make sure we get the best shots. And our helicopters of course (thanks to the skilled team at NW Aero Pix for helping us out):

Ample amounts of gear:

Photo by Jeff Snyder, Freesolo Photography http://freesolophotography.com

We love you Sherrill!

On Saturday Will and Brian cleared “The Gap,” which made for an exciting day of filming.

And as they neared the home stretch, cold Widmer brew awaited Will and Brian at the finish line. But of course the team has been equally excited about hot drinks over the last few days. Here’s Blake very excited about his Innate thermos:

We’ll continue to post more photos from the Treeverse production so stay tuned!

Treeverse would not be possible without the help of our presenting sponsors: Pro Photo Supply, Sterling Rope, Sherrill Tree, Samson Rope and Asia Tree Preservation (Arboriculture Tools).

Another shout out to some of our other sponsors who have made sure that Will and Brian are perfectly outfitted and the rigging team can ensure that we get the best shots possible: Rock ExoticaNext AdventureNew Tribe, Sierra Designs, Aarn.