02 Apr 2012

New Year’s in Fiji

Earlier this year we set out to Fiji to produce several promotional videos and a mini documentary for all-inclusive private resort Turtle Island. We traveled over 5,700 miles to get to this exotic destination that boasts awe-inspiring sunsets and warm weather cocktails. What does it take to succeed on such an expedition? We broke it down by numbers.

Days: 9
Cameras: 4
GoPros: 3
Fully loaded Pelican cases: 4
Percentage of batteries for two cameras snatched by the TSA: 90
Sea plane transfers: 2
Photographs taken: 67,000+
Number of frogs accidentally run over while driving a golf cart in the middle of the night: 500
Months to edit: 2
Crab attacks of a GoPro: 1
Gallons of sweat lost while filming: 8
Cups of kava drank: 40+
Jeff Corwin interviews: 20

Good things take time and we are close to completion on the videos we are producing for Turtle Island and will be excited to share those with you in the coming months. In the meantime, take a look at some of our favorite productions stills from the project.