17 Jan 2013

Les Voyageurs Sans Trace: Uncage the Soul in France

At the end of January we’ll be taking part in the second phase of the production of Les Voyageurs Sans Trace. Last September we joined NW Documentary on the Green and Colorado rivers to help tell the story of a team of French adventurers who came to the US in 1938 to explore the route of John Wesley Powell. They were some of the first to kayak the great rivers of the West, and although the central duo of the adventurers, Genviève and Bernard de Colmont, are long passed, their family still has roots in France. We will be in France for two weeks interviewing people related to the family, checking out one of the original kayaks used on the expedition which is today housed in a museum in the Pyrenees and getting b-roll for the film. You can follow along for trip updates on the Les Voyageurs Sans Trace Facebook page.