Uncage the Soul is a full-service video production team. We help brands, organizations, dreamers, and doers turn their initial nugget of a story concept into a produced and polished gem that does more than inspire “oohs and ahhs”, but also instills a shift in thinking, and compels audience action. Uncage the Soul works with a savvy and talented support team to be able to offer the following video production services:

  • Video, Aerial, & Timelapse Production
  • Photography
  • Concept & Storyboard Development
  • Script Writing
  • Post Production Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Design & Mastering
  • Communications & Distribution Strategy
  • Media Management

* Uncage the Soul is a FAA certified drone operator

Have a story idea but aren’t sure what to do with it? We can help. We’ll help refine your story into one that will rise above the clang and clamor of social media, into one that soars on an uplift of inspired action, thoughtful communication, and dazzling visuals.

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About Us

Uncage the Soul is a full-service video production team based out of Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to help share compelling stories that make a positive difference in the lives of people and for the well-being of our planet. Pretty much anyone can make a video these days. But it’s a craft to be able to take an idea and sculpt it into a stunning visual story that resonates. That’s what we do. We craft resonant stories that stick. From concept to post production and all the pixel-pushing in between, Uncage the Soul has the team, tools, and talent to give your video idea the wings it needs to fly.


When John was 5 years old he caught the biggest largemouth bass in the state of Oregon. He grew up in the Umpqua Valley, where the opportunity for outdoor adventure was as thick as a blackberry patch in late August. From gathering arrowheads along the edge of the stream behind his house, to scrambling up Mt. Thielsen on a whim, John’s love of the outdoors took  root early, inspiring him to pursue a life in celebration and protection of natural spaces. After sampling a career variety pack that included being an adventure guide, jumping smoke on a hotshot crew, and — perhaps the most daring of all — a year as a high school science teacher, John founded Uncage the Soul Productions in 2004. Now he lives along the edge of the Impassable Wilderness in Portland, directing, producing, and editing adventure documentaries, commercial shorts, and cause-related campaigns. (The new record for biggest largemouth bass was set in 2002, and has yet to be beat!)


Ben made his way from New Jersey to the Pacific Northwest in 2008, and has been staring into the stars ever since. Ben is the main DP for Uncage the Soul Productions. He can tell you the best time to catch the Milky Way in its full glory, and then he’ll eagerly stay up into the wee hours just to see it too. Again. Ben is a starry-eyed videophile and innovative specialist in time-lapse and dark skies photography. He’s continuously inspired by this spectacular landscape, and is constantly seeking out roads less traveled to find vistas less photographed. He has been internationally recognized for his work, commercially showcased in both digital and print publications, and in 2011 he won the National Geographic Travel ‘Photo of the Year’. The winning photo? Ben staring up into the Milky Way. Again.

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